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Human Trafficking Indicators UNODC
Recommended Principles and Guidelines on Human Rights and Human Trafficking
Progress in China's Human Rights in 2014 issued by Chinese government
Migration experiences of Lao workers deported from Thailand in 2013
Global Report on Trafficking in Persons 2014
Trafficking in Persons Report 2012
Performance Indicators for Counter-trafficking Project (2008)
The Causes and Consequences of Re-trafficking (2010)
Direct Assistance for Victims of Trafficking (2007)
Stolen Lives (2011)
Informative report on evaluation of activities and results of the Ministry of the Interior and its subordinate institutions regarding prevention and fight against trafficking in human beings in 2009 (in Latvian)
Global phenomenon, invisible cases: human trafficking in sub-Saharan Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific
The comparative analysis of anti-trafficking intervention approaches in Nepal
Measuring the Extent of Sex Trafficking in Cambodia C 2008
Estimating Labor Trafficking: A Study of Burmese Migrant Workers in Samut Sakhon, Thailand
A Quantitative Analysis on Human Trafficking: The Case of An Giang Province
Report on Best "Practices" on Tourism and Trafficking (2006)
Leaving the past behind? ----When victims of trafficking decline assistance
Setting the Record----the trafficking of migrant women in the England and Wales off-street prostitution sector (2010)
Needs Assessment Report of Media Training on the Issues of Human Trafficking
Finding report on the survey of public attitude in Pingxiang
Finding report on the Survey of Public Attitude in Lancang County, Yunnan
Situation Analysis on Trafficking in Girls and Young Women for Labour Exploitation within China
Report of experience sharing meeting on education & preventing trafficking
Safe migration within China
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